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Weight Watchers Dessert Recipe – Mini Cherry Pies!!! Only ONE Points Each – Quick & Easy!



  1. you didnt say what to do with the pie stuff??

  2. i use the round wrappers in my 8oz pyrex dish to make individual microwave lasagna.
    i'm difinitely going to try this!

  3. i got 3 points for 2 of them, including the cool whip! AMAZING!!  Love them!

  4. dennis/sherry Hammond

    I made these and discovered they got soggy, so next time I make them im going to add to the shells as we go to keep them crisp. other than that I loved them. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I tried these!!  I couldn't find wonton wraps so I used Phyllo dough.  It worked!  Yummmm!!!

  7. I am definitely making them!  Yummy!

  8. strawberry sounds good too

  9. love love love! I love the creativity and the ideas – it makes WeightWatchers a forever philosophy!

  10. Are these 2 points or 1 point? The video says 2 but the header says 1. Thanks!

  11. you have some of the best recipes ever but I have one question do you calculate each ingredient and if so how do you do that because sometime I might want to switch it up just a tad

  12. I made the mini cherry pies tonight and they were great. I had one warm and I'm putting them in the fridge to see how they taste cooled. Thanks for the recipes. I love watching your videos. I'm on weight watchers and your weight loss inspires me. I have almost a 100 pounds to lose and I need some great recipes. Keep up the good work!

  13. Yummy!

  14. Weightwatchergirl1

    The formula is based on your age, weight, gender etc. You can find it on weight watchers online. There is a bunch of questions to answer. 

  15. Hi. I was on weight watchers a year ago and I know the new points system 2013 is different from previous years.. What is the formula for calculating your daily points allowance?

  16. Weightwatchergirl1

    Thank you!! 

  17. Weightwatchergirl1

    So good!!

  18. Weightwatchergirl1

    Yes. I've done others as well!

  19. Weightwatchergirl1

    They are in the Veggie Section in the store! 

  20. I'm definitely a fan of your low point desserts!!

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