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Weight Loss Green Smoothie — How To Lose Weight with Green Smoothies


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  1. way too much available natural sugars in this to spike insulin even with natural fibers. This is NOT a weight loss smoothy.

  2. Is it healthy to drink one of these exact smoothies daily?

  3. I read an article a little while back that stated there is no science to back up the term superfood. Good recipe though.

  4. Way too much sugar in your smoothie dude. Loose weight by cutting out sugar completely :)

  5. I'm planning on starting tommoz and trying to get together my shopping list today.. but I cant get my head around how much fruit you can eat and still call it a weight loss smoothie.. hope I dont put on weight with this as going vegan is something I want to do …but not sure if I will end up getting fat with all the fruit sugars. Does every 'green' smoothy with fruit still lose weight?

  6. get the right foods in your body and you start loosing weight naturally…Lol that's not how it works..Become calorie deficit and you start loosing weight.It doesn't matter what kind of food you put in your body to LOOSE WEIGHT.Its how much you consume vs how much you burn per day.Now if it's healthy for your body is another story.

  7. i'm subscribing for your accent

  8. what is the best time for this

  9. I'm gonna start from tomorrow 🙂 , but does it really help to lose weight?

  10. lot of fractuse sugars

  11. How are you going to lose weight with all the damn sugar in the fruit?

  12. I use porridge oats with my morning smoothie ?

  13. this is what I put in my smoothie. green tea cactus tea put it in the blender so its really hot I add cactus,cucumber, spinach, cinnamon, sesami seed,chia seed, fresh lemon juice,honey, matcha green tea boost then blend. is this to much? I been doing it everday at 6.00pm. is there anything im messing or should do?

  14. I loved it plz give us more instructions

  15. Thank god someone who just shows what to put in rather than talking about how amazing 1 ingredient is for 5mins. Girls tend to do this alot.

  16. awesome clip. Nice work. gain a lot of knowledge from this video.

  17. nope, wrong!!!…… ur smootie has lots of fruits that contains lots of sugar ?

  18. Didn't see his reaction after he drank his smoothie. He had to go vomit or what?

  19. do u need to add those last engridients?

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