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Under 300 Calorie Lunch-To-Go (Weight Loss Recipes)


The Ultimate Lunch Recipes Boxed Set: Fabulous Ideas for Delicious and Nutritious Meals You Will Love

Why Buy This Set?

Lunch is often a hurriedly put-together sandwich or skipped altogether, and while this may seem like an okay thing to do, the fact is you tend to eat more at night (when you shouldn’t) when you miss out on a good lunch. This can lead to health problems, not the least of which is weight gain. So here is a set of books that will give you a wide variety of quick and easy lunches you can prepare for work, school or even the hectic weekend.

What’s Inside?<


Quick, Easy Healthy Meals: Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

For a small price, Quick, Easy Healthy Meals will teach you:

- How to lose weight with eating the right foods
- How to get your energy levels back
- Shopping smartly which will save you money, and
- Complete recipes that are quick and easy to make



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  1. Great video! But IMO pita should NEVER touch shrimp

  2. I'm trying to eat 300-calorie meals every 2 hours totaling 1800 calories to help me lose weight. I'm having trouble finding complete meals that are 300 Calories or less, can you help me?

  3. Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez

    i have yet to see results considering im new to trying to loose fat along w.cooking. but just wanted to say i love your channel!! u gave great advice, the recipes you give are amazing, and ur workout are good.

  4. Hi Joanna, thx for the best weight loss recipes. Dear, what can I replace yoghurt with! Coz i dont take milk!! Thank you

  5. my problem i have a big appetite thats not enough for me.. what do i do and also is it okay to eat wheat rice than normal rice is it still healthy?

  6. I just want to lose belly fat. ?

  7. I can't stand the taste of water will it be o.k to put sweet and low in it for a sweetener..thank you for all your tips…I lose the weight is just trying to keep it of

  8. I hav left all gluten nd white rice. too…

  9. Weight loss is not easy for anyone, at least with normal diets. In 2016 I found the most famous and effective diet of recent times and started doing it. Soon I saw my weight drop. Now I have less belly and already lost weight 21 pounds. I found the diet of this site here https://t.co/icPq1sseqT

  10. may i know where that accent came from ?

  11. can you pls suggest Veg Meal below 300 calorie

  12. Hi Jonna Can you please some Vegetarian meals with 200 calories as its really hard to understand what to eat thanks Vicky

  13. The Rainbow-Salad looks soooo goooooood!!! <3

  14. Just discovered your channel X I am on a weight loss journey and your videos are so useful and your recipes are super easy especially since I am a student haha ?? thanks x

  15. a perfect trainer

  16. thank you .. great recipes

  17. Hi Joanna my name is Jasmine and I love eating healthy good me and my husband we go to park and work out I loss summer me my husband can't have sait 

  18. I can't see the printable recipe in your website:(

  19. prawns isn"t rae

  20. hi.please do more recipes.very helpful

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