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  1. Chandrakant kumbhkar

    no food is good if you are eating in excess or not eating right
    1. use olive oil for cooking
    2. use chicken breast
    3. eat egg white only
    4. eat whole wheat roti and dals (but not too much,they are high in carb)
    5. low fat milk and cheese
    6. almonds and cashews
    7. cook green vegetables
    8 no need to fry dal
    9. use myfitnesspal to track calories
    10. walk run sprint
    I have been doing this and have lost 10 kgs in 6 week

  2. Kuch bhi .. ??

  3. ok thanks I will enjoy it now rather than being scared.

  4. Nice suggestions , I love yellow dal chawal but don't u think it will add on weight coz rice rich in carbs.

  5. Best Indian Cooking

    Nice video..

  6. how much dhokla should i take

  7. People need to eat alot of calories… lol but good calories of course


  9. hi, how many chiken peases in one plate in tikks

  10. Lol, palak paneer and chicken?? What is this video about, weight gain?

  11. Shravan Katikaneni

    star mahila

  12. good

  13. Hi! Anyone tried the Fat Blaze Factor (google it)? Ive heard a number of amazing stuff about it and my co-worker burned alot of excess fats with it(:

  14. Holy smokes! You look great!

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