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Smoothies vs Juicing for Weight Loss! Questions ANSWERED!



  1. OK. Why does it seem like juicers are against blending? I've seen videos where people say they must have colonics and enemas because they didn't have any fiber or other solids to move through their bowels. According to them, juicing shuts digestion down. Then they eventually have a really nasty bowel movement during their juice fast. Our gut bacteria live off of the fiber that we eat that is indigestible to us and turn it into butyric acid(think butter), which is a healthy fatty acid that provides energy for us. Why would he want to stop promoting the growth and health of our gut flora? Why juice when blending does this
    additional function? Does it slow down weight loss? Wouldn't supporting our gut bacteria promote even more healing to people who have digestive problems as well as our immune function?

  2. I'm on the diarrhea diet….makes me feel shitty :(

  3. Can the blender process fruits & veg to the point where it can safely be fed thru a MicKEY Low Profile J? Tube will most likely be a 14Fr – I'm looking forward to ditching the NJ 8Fr. Would be nice to have an occasional alternative or addition to enteral formula. On a really good day I can handle extremely smooth foods – this looks like it would make some killer smoothies & vegan milkshakes. 😎

  4. http://www.organifi.com/2-classic-cb/ try this it work. you wont be disappointed

  5. Ok.

  6. VERY Informative and your Energy/Smiles while explaining the info. was GR8 & to the point. From one Nurse to another; THANK YOU :-)

  7. I LOVE my Vita-mix. They are worth it!

  8. Some people believe that blenders destroy beneficial enzymes and slow masticating juicers do not.

  9. Yes, I love you now and forever.

  10. Great video. Thanks. I'm new to juicing and blending, this was very informative.

  11. Hey what juicer do you use? I know the vitamix is the best blender but what is the best juicer in your opinion?

  12. When I learned that ending my sentences with "You know" and "Ok" was simply a bad habit picked up in grade school, once I became "aware" I was using these words to finish my sentences I stopped using those "filler" words. 👍

  13. I juice twice everyday in my slow star which i love. Slow speed juicers are the way to go. i do 95% veges to keep the sugars down. when I want to use a lot of fruit i will blend to keep the fiber intact.

  14. Dates are the best natural sweetners for smoothies.

  15. I just played a drinking game – a shot every time you say, "right" and "K".I'm drunk.

  16. Personally chicken period- embryos gross me out!

  17. Do u eat raw eggs and dairy ??

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