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MEAL PREP | 2 Quick Recipes



  1. You motivate me so much. I've been meal
    Preparing for about a week Now after just watching your videos and going to the gym and having an amazing routine based on all of your videos! Thank you so much!

  2. I love this, so simple and perfect for college students who are on a budget! I would love for you to mention what you have for snacks throughout the day :)

  3. Why do you use ground turkey instead of ground beef? Thanks

  4. This sounds amazing! I can't wait to make this!

  5. Hi, I'm from Germany and I love your videos 😍😍 I wanna get fit this year and you're really helping me 😇 you're motivating me every time I watch a video from you. You're my inspiration because your body is just GOALS af 😍❤ I still didn't figured out what to eat and what not but I'll read some more stuff and hope that I understand it soon 😅😂

  6. Can you do a video about all of your healthy snacks please?! I just had a baby and didn't think I was doing too bad with my weight, but cholesterol is through the roof, 285! I got put on medication but want to get off of it asap! Thanks for all of your meal ideas….

  7. How do you track the crockpot means?

  8. Literally obsessed with you. I love how real and relatable you are!

  9. this is the video I saw that you showed me my favorite meal ever the zucchini tacos thanks whit

  10. Oh my that looks delicious!!!! 😩❤

  11. Your meal prep vids are by far the best !!!! Such simple but tasty meals and so easy! I started meal prepping and then fell off the train cause my meals were boring and sucked! This is so fun! 😘

  12. i love love love that you actually cook your meals.. so many you tubers are not using like meal prep companies… and thats not realistic we don't have that much money ahahah

  13. If you're around while it's cooking, I'd suggest adding the green beans just for the last hour or so. They'll be a little greener and crisper.


  15. I absolutely love you and your channel! I am trying to lose 150lbs and you are so helpful with meal prep ideas! I get so bored of the same ol stuff! Thank you!

  16. Just put all the ingredients in the crock pot for the chicken, red potatoes, and green beans! Can't wait ☺️

  17. Can you use cucumbers???

  18. whit!! you save my life with these meal preps! u was starting to get tired of what I was making. trying these out on my next meal prep!!

  19. Love your food videos

  20. can you tall me what is your protein cheeks and it good for girl virgin thanx love you 🌼🌼

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