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Low Calorie Snack ■ \\Chocolate Chip Bars //■ Easy Recipe



  1. New Subbie here. I trying to lose 30 pounds at the moment. I have than than to lose but for now 30 is my long term goal. I love your personality and of course your videos. Thanks

  2. Just so the chocolate chips don't sink to the bottom, don't mix it in with the batter and just put the batter in the pan, and RIGHT before you put it in the oven put the chocolate chips on top. That way they will show on the top more, stay in the middle, and not sink to the bottom

  3. there is no way of these having only 340 cal, only flour and chips have that much, and add oil and the rest….I wish It did, or my calorie count recipe  analyzer is laying or ?

  4. Do you know how many carbs are in the bars?

  5. Woah loved this. Subscribed now ;)

  6. Do you have to use egg substitutes or can you just use eggs

  7. Great video. You need to have a cook show on food channel. It will be nice to see another Black face on channel.  What can I use in place of sweeter. Thanks

  8. The reason the chocolate chips sink to the bottom is because you need to toss them in flour. 

  9. They look cool, anyone who's tried them, do they just taste like cake?

  10. Shawn K (Candylady77sk)

    New subbie

  11. The chocolate chips sink to the bottom because the batter is not dense enough to hold them up, mixing them with the dry ingredients will make no difference, because your batter is so loose. 

  12. making this tonight!!! thank you I love how real you are !!

  13. Daaaamn :O that's amazing. 43 calories for only one of these squares? I am baking this right now

  14. Can u do the chocolate cookies please ?:) your so inspiration and gorgeous i love u x,

  15. These little cakes are just amazing 😮 I love them so much and I make lots of them every week because they are always empty ^^ <3
    Thank you so much 🙂
    More videos please :)

  16. Girl next time mix the chocolate chip with the flower before you mix it with the wet ingredients if you dust the chocolate chips with the flower the sink less to the bottom when you bake

  17. I have to say I am very inspired by your recipes. do you actually have a website where we can see the recipes. I too need to loose 40 pounds however I struggle with making the right choices Your help would be much appreciated.

  18. Finding your channel was like finding my MATE. SUBSCRIBED in an instant. Love you xoxo

  19. They are like pancakes!!!

  20. Can u please do the apple cinnamon recipe

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