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Light Healthy Salads for Lunch & Dinner (Weight Loss Recipes)


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  1. i subsituted the tuna for rice and it taste great! even better the next day

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  3. looks so delicious !
    thanks for sharing Joanna !! i love you !!!! xxx

  4. hozan xoshnaw dlakam

    im going to make the rice salad tonight

  5. david niazov (the lone wolf)

    I love your videos!!! you're so awesome!
    I really don't like freebanana

  6. Hey Joanna,
    Thank You! I can't tell you enough how you inspire me. I've tried and suggested many of your meals. This one among others are perfect and complete so that I don't need to look any further. Thank you for all the great information and dishes.

  7. The two main types of belly fat are: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. The visceral one, which is known to cause many health issues is more difficult to burn. Mainstream diets or exercises which target subcutaneous fat (the fat beneath your skin) will not help those who suffer visceral type.

  8. Thanks Joanna, I tried all of your salad recipes and it so delicious.. Btw recently I always put croutons and parmesan cheese on my salad and I knew that it's not good for my diet..
    Do you have any recipes for low calories homemade croutons? It would be great if you can prepare the video as well.. Thank you ^^

  9. thank you for posting your salads on here. I am hungry now.:) I am trying to lose weight, which I have succeeded very well. Lost 16 lbs n have 16 to go. I Liked your Facebook page just now and am excited to see  what you post.

  10. Thank its be great

  11. Hiii joanna I LOVE 1000 island dressing so I was wondering if u no the amount in it

  12. Wow i love your videos. 

  13. I love these salad toppings to go with my salad. I'd recommend pomegranate berries, almonds, pecans, blueberries, red onion, carrots, cucumber, strawberry, small slices of green apple, or Italian dressing 🙂 these are great choices!

  14. You are becoming my favorite! Will you be making a video about yoga or meditation ? 

  15. your my icon… hope you can visit philippines -manila 

  16. i love your videos.. yes,, it really helps for a jump start like other comments its soo interesting and lovable to watch… please do more videos 

  17. Going to try the rice and chicken salad. Looks very good.

  18. Joanna, you're a star

  19. Could you tell me how long the dressing will stay fresh?

  20. Tried the chickpeas salad and it was delicious!
    I love your vids, they are so inspirering!

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