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How to make: Weight Loss smoothie || Raji Osahn



  1. Pimenta Magallanez

    I have question to ask I wanted to order  but i can't Is there a problem with States ordering 

  2. Holla! Have you considered – Kastras Amazing Fat Loss Guide (just google it)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got excellent results with it. 

  3. I love all of these smoothies and I used to do a lot of fruits initially but lately I have been incorporating more greens! I have my own version of a green beauty smoothie, come by and check out my tutorial if you like. Xoxo

  4. Thanks xx

  5. Just tried this smoothie,,,got to say I'm in love with it..taste delicious

  6. Definetly going to try this 😊😊

  7. Right I'm sold going to make this in a bit have it for dinner n tomorrow workout session

  8. I've been loving these skin and body care videos 😍

  9. Raji beautiful!! Always love watching you glad i found you. I bought the hair dye you mentioned in the video the dark n lovely one. To get that hair colour in your hair dye video how many boxes did you use to achieve that colour? Could u plspls upload a video how to dye ur hair xx

  10. You've lost quite a bit of weight!!! Good job and stay motivated!:)

  11. I love ur videos. How do u make the healing balm?

  12. @Makeup with Raji Oh thank you, definitely gonna try it out 🙂 

  13. This may sound stupid but do you steam the carrots and stuff before blending or do you just blend them raw? Hoping to give it a go x 

  14. Loved the smoothie!!

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