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High Carb Hannah’s Green Juice Recipe For Weight Loss



  1. Love how you always get to the point!

  2. Vanity's My Sanity

    Great juicing video! Check out my Juicing Health Benefits video and let me know what you think. I subscribed to you and would love to be YouTube friends. :)

  3. Even my teenagers loved this juice. We added some of the fiber back into the mix and drank a lot of it. Three glasses each I think. Wonderful recipie

  4. looking forward to making this juice, so excited it looks delicious and refreshing,energizing. love your motivation and recipes. I'm new to this and all the equipment for juicing and everything is pricey but I'll make it work with what I have. just wondering how it works out with the ginger if you don't have an actual juicer just a wonderful blender, nutribullet. I'm working my way to a juicer if I find its so needed. I'm sure after a few months in I'll feel that it's a necessity. a costly one.

  5. Hi Hannah! I am trying to get a grasp on all this after gaining weight on rawtil4. I saw a video of Dr. Michael Greggor talking about liquid calories registering differently. It seems that liquids are not recommended by the plant based Drs. Can you speak to that or recommend a video? I think of my juices or smoothies as a meal replacement and I make them in small batches of fruits and veggies I would normally be able to eat on my own in a setting. how would you recommend liquids for weight loss? thank you!

  6. I am allergic to ginger. what can I use instead?

  7. The Vegan Gypsies

    Hey where in Minnesota are you? We were just thinking about coming down to Minneapolis for a weekend, if you're anywhere near there would love to connect.

  8. I was wondering if this is your breakfast in the morning or if you eat something else with this?

  9. thank you, Hannah, so very helpful. :)

  10. this is probably the stupidest question, but what does this juice taste like? like is it sweet? I cant stand juices that aren't sweet and I was thinking about making this but figured id ask first.

  11. Will making a shake instead of juicing still have the same nutritional value?

  12. Do you eat anything with your juice in the morning?

  13. here – http://webmagazinestore.com/slider_05 – great recipes from excess weight, and more…

  14. Lindsay The Vegan Artist

    Girl! I must know what you're using to move your camera! A dolly? A slider? Looks gorgeous

  15. I like your video 🙂 I've made a recipe video too on my channel. It was fun to do! I'm happy I've found your channel :)

  16. Party Hard Potato (Noemi)

    QUALITY ON POINT! Beautiful video. But I could never handle that much ginger in my juice haha

  17. I love John. I get all my kitchen stuff from him.

  18. Use leftover grocery bags to line the dump bucket. It takes one step out of cleaning so all you have to do is remove the bag tie it up and throw it in the fridge. you can use the scraps for stocks or head over to a local farm and give it to them for compost!

  19. Wow did that amount make that whole jar???? thats insane. My juicer wastes so much, must invest in a better one. :)

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