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Healthy Weight Loss + Vegetarian Recipes for Beginners


Paleo Dinner Recipes: Quick,Easy and Super Yummy Paleo Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss and Healthy Diet(Paleo Diet,Paleo Cookbook,Paleo Solution,Paleo Diet Recipes,Paleo Recipes,Paleo For Beginners)

Do you want to eat healthy? Or do you want to lose weight and maintain a slim body? You have come to the right place.
You can try PALEO recipes!! No matter the young and the old, men and women, everyone is suitable for this PALEO diet. PALEO diet is emphasized on natural food cooking. No processed food in the meals. You can eat safely and make your body in good health. Give yourself a try to enjoy the wonderful and delicious PALEO recipes!
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  1. did you use already prepared pesto or did you make it ?

  2. Same here girl I don't enjoy salads, but you're recipes are awesome!

  3. Good vid. Too many vegetarians just eat junk food that doesn't have meat in it and they don't get the right nutrients the body needs. It's why they look so sickly. Vegetarian = vegetables – and plenty of 'em!

  4. Your videos are amazing and your voice overs are hilarious! What do you use to film?

  5. u had eggs ur not vegan

  6. Lol you had egg you ain't no vegan

  7. when replacing protein for vegan food-make sure you use mushrooms,spinach ,broccili as it contains iron. Soya milk can be replaced for coconut,almond or macamadia milk. now on shelves in cold food section is coconut yoghurt..lactose free cheese can be used..but be sure to use some form of calcuim..I still use eggs but must be free range..

  8. What song is that?

  9. Thanks for the video, great tips!

  10. "Tell me..who the FUCK doesn't like French fries?!" HAHAHA

  11. lol you are hilarious. no offense at all, but you sound very 4/20 friendly

  12. good video

  13. Have you had any changes in your appearance or weight loss since you became vegetarian

  14. you had eggs. ?

  15. queen of vegetarians

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