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Easy + Healthy Recipes to Lose Weight!



  1. I don't think bacon is healthy

  2. love your mug but to big

  3. That really helped me

  4. I needed this video thank you girl

  5. That salad looks sooo good

  6. I love you remi

  7. 24 of DECEMBER WOOP WOOP!🎅🏻🎄❄️🍪🍼⛄️❤️

  8. Thota Murali Dhar

    wat don't u like u like everything

  9. wow you have a big breakfast I'm only aloud 1small bowl of cereal for lunch. can have a bigger meal then supper

  10. I love fish too

  11. I'm going to Hawaii to

  12. the yoke of a egg it always the best

  13. It's not working.

  14. Winxclub fashion

    Do you have a boyfriend ???

  15. Ninke Van Schelstraete

    Cereals are unhealthy

  16. Sehat darimana GEMBROT. PANTES GEMBROT

  17. Nathaniel harrell

    i loved your video

  18. Kathleen Michele

    I love that you used a huge bread knife to cut most of your veggies!! Made smile! Whatever works!! Xo

  19. єllเє “ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ” ภ๏๓

    You're so cute, ahh! ^°^ you go, girl!

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