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Day 11: 3 Dinner recipes for maximum weight loss & energy!



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  1. Thank you, Freelee <3 I love you.

  2. Berenice Hernandez

    because of my change in diet my whole family starting to change there's two and my friends around me to I can see how I have affected them and it makes me so happy because you did the same for me

  3. Berenice Hernandez

    you're absolutely hilarious I love your videos keep making them

  4. This is all well and good, the food looks amazing and I'd love to eat those portions of those foods but am I the only one that can't afford all that food shopping? Maybe people eat shit because that's what they can afford. All this organic veg and fruit is very costly….

  5. the other girl look like Cillian murphy

  6. Great video Freelee..love the soup!!!

  7. I love freelee she's my vegan inspiration but I couldn't eat all that pasta I'd end up throwing up ?

  8. she used to be a girl, now shes a bitch

  9. Just Eat grass that is very good for your health ???

  10. laughed when she used the jar of crap sauce mixed with tomatoes to even it out instead of just using the tomatoes straight up lol

  11. You look like Bridget mendler here ?

  12. You look so cute with pigtails and big earrings! 😀 That's a cute look I would like to try!!! <3

  13. you look so cute in this video. love the pig tails!

  14. This would be great except I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and 3 other autoimmune conditions, and I cannot eat nightshade plants (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant), grains (even rice, etc), beans, etc. because if I eat these foods I get inflammation (autoimmune flare up) the next couple days like you wouldn't believe, even with no salt. I suddenly look like I gained 10 pounds! Sweet potatoes work for me in smaller quantities, but I find when I eat them in large quantities I get an acid reflux. BUT, I can do large meals of carrot, parsnip, pumpkin, acorn and other squash (except unpeeled courgette/ zucchini) though if I want to or need to eat cooked food. And corn doesn't seem to cause me inflammation the way rice does. So I guess we all have to find out what we can eat.. it's a long journey but what works for some doesn't work for others and vice versa. I do wish I could have more variety… a lot of vegans eat rice or potato dishes that look amazing… but I guess it's not the end of the world. Thank goodness bananas and dates don't give me inflammation attacks- then I might have to move somewhere for mangoes and durian, lol.

  15. oh man i want to eat all of that food gota keep it CARB UP??

  16. hey does anyone know where she gets those watermelon bowls and chopping board set??!!!

  17. that soup looks good!

  18. Can you at least try to incorporate spices or something to flavor up these recipes? This is literally a caveman diet, dumping vegetables into hot water isn't exactly what I call a recipe…I'm currently not vegan, but am starting to incorporate more vegan meals into my diet to make me feel healthier overall, but these meals though…

  19. That girl has an awful haircut.

  20. why do you call yourself a vegan, when you're really a fruitarian. A diet that has been around for centuries, and you have no part in "discovering" as you say in your e-book.

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