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Amelia’s Nutritious Bone Broth



  1. You didn't wash the meat and all the impurities are in the broth

  2. Thanks, but you do not say what temp you put it on. High or Low? for the amount of time.

  3. Why don't you use vinegar to leach nutrients from the bones?

  4. The Only Way Productions

    Hi Amelia, I liked your video. I was wondering if I can obtain the goodness from he chicken bones such as the glucosamine, from just croasting a chicken as normal and Eating the bones?

  5. Hello, I am interested in doing this broth but I am a vegetarian so dont really want to do it with the chicken carcass, but want the goodness from your recipe. Is there anything I can do in its place? Thank you x

  6. Yemekleri severim. Arada bir yemek de yaparım.. :)

  7. Hello, I have started making bone broth. I have  done 2 rounds of beef  broth 24 hours each. organic grass fed…… but OMG it is the worst flavor….. I warmed it back up and added a bag of celery carrot and onion dices and am simmering it down with 1 beef cube. and  will strain it. Got the 3rd batch going now. I own a food truck   and  would love to sell small containers of it. but I cant stand it…. is there a secret.. more veggies… I dont want to put in   alot of salts and peppers… is this what it should be like? We started it due to sisters health issues. Thanks for your time.

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