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3 VEGAN Slimming Soups (Holiday Recipes)



  1. black beans soup is my favourite. definitely gonna try

  2. My first boyfriend never touched veggies either!! Haha

  3. loooooove your recipes.

  4. I just made the mushroom soup it's delicious. I usually don't eat vegetables and this is a great form to do it. Thanks

  5. what if i don't have a hand blender? xC

  6. Love your top!

  7. i want to Lost wight like Joanna for my bally and lag and hand how to eat diet food like Joanna

  8. Very good soup ideas, thanks!

  9. Hi Joanna, can you tell me what is that white cream on top, that you garnish the soup? everything looks so yummy!

  10. Małgorzata Brzechwa

    omg, your outfit is so nice!!!

  11. I'm going to try the mushroom soup 😄 but I wonder will it be okay to sauté without oil? Because mushrooms have a lot of moisture and I don't want to use oil if I can avoid it? Thank you!

  12. Joanna soh I haven't try butternut squash soup but I bet it's as delicious as the black bean soup n mashroom soup are which I made it , n it's in my fav soups list thank u

  13. Arianne Mae Vergara

    Make a lot of video like this t.Y

  14. Purple Sweet Potatoes? never seen those before.

  15. Is the sweet potato and black bean soup good for weight I replaced olive oil with goats milk butter cuz we had no olive oil is that still okay fir weight loss I'm 14 I made it for dinner for me and my brother I'll be finishing it off tomorrow cuz I need to lose weight

  16. Hey Joanna can u make another challenge for December going into the New Years? I haven't had time to do the one in November because I don't have time because of school

  17. angelitaalicia30

    Hi Joanna, I just made your creamy mushroom soup and it was delicious. Next I will try the black bean/ sweet potato soap recipe.

  18. great video joanna please make a video on eating wheat while losing weight.everyone these days advocate on wheet and gluten free diet.

  19. Very nice Joanna! That obviously took a lot of time and effort to make this video so nicely! Thank you- I will try these ideas! Pete D.—

  20. how i have a fty face after dite??

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