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✔ Detox Water to lose Belly Fat Natural way !!!



  1. Hi,
    while drinking the next day, this water can be kept in room temperature, or should be refrigerated again and drink it cold.

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  3. Mai weight loss k liye morning juice leti hu to mai dtox water le sakti hu…???? agr pi sakti hu to kaise pina hoga…..??? plz rply…..

  4. can i drink it anytime i want?

  5. thanx sooo much fir sharing allah bless u..for how long i use this and other question iz can i make fresh for myself every day coz when i use it in the cuple of day its tast would not good.

  6. can lime be used instead of lemons?

  7. what we need to do is

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  9. can we drink normal water after this

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  12. do you leave it outside or inside the refrigerator

  13. can you do it with green lemon?

  14. Hi !
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  15. When do you have to drink it? Like do i have to drink 3 cups per day in 6 months?

  16. I would like to try,but I don't like mint leaves,can I drink with it.

  17. I would like to try,but I don't like mint leaves,can I drink with it.

  18. Did u ever try it this recipe on u. It really work ot not

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